Robert Medley. Is here to join us, for random bullshit…

speling and grammer errars inkluded.

  • Amos has his video card back…but could have upgraded for the same cost
  • Kent has new lighting
  • Fitz was approached by the Fake Illuminati
  • IFTTT is awesome and Amos is surveilling moose and caribou
  • Kent finally started Into the Badlands
  • Music Streaming Payouts to Artists
  • Britbox finally has (most of) the classic Dr Who series!
  • Bad Trailer – Transformers: The Last Knight, Good Trailer – Thor: Ragnarok
  • Mulaka is close to being released
  • Disney Princess Lengerie is now available
  • Podchaser is attempting to become the IMDB of podcasting
  • iTunes Podcasts renamed with new tools
  • Feedback:
    • Kim: Hello, I have a questions, its getting to that time of year when a lot of bands travel and have concerts. What is your favorite concert you have gone to and if you could choose any concert to go to who would it be and why?? For one of your shows you should bring your in person friend so we can get a feel for your personalitys off of RMP. Keep up the great work, i love listening to the show.
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