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Podcast Contributor Guide

Contributor Guide

Welcome to the Contributor Guide! This guide is meant for anybody who wants to submit something for inclusion on a Ritual Misery Podcast.

What You Can Contribute

You may contribute short audio or video clips on virtually any subject. Some examples:

  • Commentary on a subject that matters to you
  • Game or movie review (spoilery movie reviews must declare such and will always be featured in the post-show)
  • Poem or song
  • Rant
  • Any original content you want to share – use your imagination (don’t use someone else’s ideas…tell them to get their lazy ass up and submit that shit themselves)

What You Can’t Contribute

  • Someone else’s intellectual property without their consent
  • Hate speech, unless it’s really funny and harmless (everyone hates gophers, right?)
  • Anything considered illegal in the United States and/or the country in which you live…unless you anonymize it at your own risk

Note: all submissions will be included in a future Ritual Misery Podcast episode at the sole discretion of RMP. Effort placed into production quality will be appreciated and increase likelihood of inclusion.

How To Contribute

  1. Record your audio or video.
  • Try to record the highest quality you can manage. The best audio comes from a professional microphone. If you have it, please use it. Otherwise, a USB headset is fine. The built-in microphone on your computer or other device should be used as a last resort. Eliminate as much background noise as possible. For video, pay attention to lighting.
  • Use the last ten seconds or so to promote yourself. Include your website URL, Twitter account, and/or wherever else people can find more of you and your stuff.
  • Limit your final product to 3 minutes. If you want to submit longer items, email us first for arrangements.
  1. Email your submission to with the subject line “Submission: Example1”. Anything you submit will be treated as CC BY-SA 4.0. This is the same license we publish the podcast under. For more information, visit
  1. Your contribution will be included in an upcoming episode of the Ritual Misery Podcast.