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RMP – Ep b22: Droning On About Drones

We welcome a niece and mourn a great publication…
…first world problems, we know.
This week we go long talking about drones, but we don’t discuss the shitty play calling of the Super Bowl. Except just now.
Show notes:
– Amos celebrates the birth of his niece, Evelyn Grace
– Mad Max couldn’t keep a 9 year old’s attention
– Kent placed well in his karate tournament and witnessed a black belt performing a cartwheel during competition
– The Super Bowl lost to Cards Against Humanity
– Amos is on the Clash of Clans train
– Kent is fascinated with drones and frustrated with the inaction and lack of acceptance by the FAA
– The Unofficial Apple Weblog has passed away…RIP authentic, specialized journalism
– This week’s TED talk is Amos’ choice (Kent forgot what his video was): Jake Shimabukuro plays Bohemian Rhapsody
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