Tom Merritt is undaunted

Tom Merritt (@acedtect) hosts Daily Tech News Show (@dailytechnewsshand has an extensive history in excellent podcasting. He discusses his view on podcasting and how his podcasting career grew from an off-handed thought to the host of numerous highly successful podcasts and #9 Patreon supported creator in the world.

Please forgive the fanboy-ness. The raw audio and great conversation should make up for it.

Also, I forgot to ask one important question: “As you’ve progressed through your podcasting career, there have been times when you’ve had to let a podcast die. In my experience, Forecast is the most notable of them. Can you explain how you decide which podcasts you continue to invest time into and which you have to let go?”

And his answer was typically humble: “It’s always important to leave time to try new things. I have let podcasts go when they fail to catch on and build audience or when the audience starts to decline for significant amount of time.”

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Thank you, Dr Merritt, for joining me in this journey.

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