Rob Elmer has never been a podcast guest…

but you’d never know it from how great he is.

  • <> Movie Night is a blast
  • Amos is consolidating his photography archives
  • Rob is getting into Dungeons and Dragons and went full geek with his new dice
  • Louis C.K. has a special coming soon to Netflix and we can’t wait
  • Rob is a chatrealm veteran and a very entertaining streamer
  • Rob’s Hot Takes
  • SourceFed will be missed
  • Space X is making our dreams come true
  • The new Game of Thrones trailer got us excited
  • Destiny 2 is worth checking out
  • Big Voice Jay is the greatest
  • Make Amos show his ballz
  • Join <> Tuesday and Friday nights for Jackbox games on Twitch and Discord

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Next week: Amos’ Birthday!

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