Chris Cabano (@Cabo_Wabo79) brings out the military in us all…

…which is strange considering the off-show conversations we had.

It’s a long episode, but it’s full of social commentary and laughter…two things that go hand-in-hand.

Show notes:

  • Amos spent the week surrounded by stupid, including 15 minutes of MOPP4
  • Kent’s stupid didn’t happen until Friday afternoon
  • Chris took a new position
  • Korea has some particular duties incumbent to the party
  • Kent’s friend Travis passed his Black Belt test…proving that Kent has super-natural powers
  • None of us watch network television
  • Conventions are special places
  • ’18 to Chill, 21 to Spill’ is awkward
  • Chris got Rookered
  • TED Talk:
  • Chris and Amos play ‘Trump or Kanye’
  • DARPA is working with Honeywell to develop VR tanks
  • Apple took a stand for personal security
  • Have we reached the extent of capabilities of the current paradigm of mobile devices?
  • Amos is a misogynistic asshole
  • This Cracked article is worth a read for everyone

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