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Switching to Monthly Donations


We’ve been asking listeners to support the show by contributing for each episode we publish. In order to simplify things, we are going to switch to monthly donations starting December 1st. We feel this will give our patrons a little more certainty on how much their contributions will be and eliminate the stress on us to publish late-month episodes as quickly as possible.

What’s this mean for you? An easier to understand metod of supporting the show without having to worry that we’ll release 20 episodes in a month and charge you a ridiculous amount.

What’s this mean for us? A little less stress in releasing episodes at the end of the month and a more consistent income to help us budget our big events like live shows at SXSW.

How will this affect the tiers? They will be adjusted to reflect the current reward system, matching up with Discord and Twitch rewards and helping to meet our long-term goals.

If you have any questions about this, please feel free to send us a message here, on Discord, or email us at

As always, we are exceptionally appreciative of any and all support you provide. Thank you!