Nothing can hold Mikal Abdullah down…

…except perhaps Austin’s internet congestion.

We manage to get Mikal on the show and it’s so awesome it almost breaks the internet.

Show notes:

– Amos visited LotteWorld with the 3FM

– Kent has been practicing for his Kata tournament

– Mikal has been training at Aces Jiu Jitsu in Austin, TX and promoting his book “Life Is Jiu Jitsu Is Life”

– TED Talks:

– Mikal recommends Rich Franklin: How To Be A Loser

– Anthony found reflections of his own parenting in Colin Stokes: How movies teach manhood

-Kent’s pick was Peter Diamandis: Stephen Hawking’s Zero G Flight

– Amos fixed a Crock-Pot, Kent din’t fix his SNES

– Mikal gives his reviews of Jurassic World and Guardians of the Galaxy, then takes the time to explain the benefits of understanding the tactics of MMA on

– Amos and Mikal discuss the trials of raising daughters

– Mikal recounts his experiences in the US Army and how they affected his life and transition into martial arts

– We already told you Austin kicks ass, Mikal agrees (and that makes it fact as far as we are concerned!)

– You can find Mikal Abdullah on Twitter (@MikalBJJ) and by email:

– A special thanks to Bonnie Brushwood (@invisiblewife) for introducing us to Mikal!

– Our Weekly Tithe: Josh Clark and Charles W. “Chuck” Bryant, hosts of the amazing Stuff You Should Know podcast. Please, give them a listen at

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