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The Ritual Misery Podcast

RMP – Ep b9: It May Very Well Be a Tumor

Work sucks…

…but that’s helpful when it comes time to complain about stuff.

This podcast has become a highlight for us every week and we are grateful for your support!

Show notes:

– Amos discuss naming his puppy and was sick as a dog- Kent caught up on Avatar: the Last Airbender’s sequel, Cora

– Kent collected comic books growing up, Amos didn’t (mostly)

– M. Night Shyamalan ruined the big screen adaptation of Avatar: the Last Airbender

– Spoilers have time limits, and it’s in relation to the number of beers Amos has had

– The League of Legends Championship is a thing…a BIG thing

– The Wizard, the movie that introduced Super Mario Bros. 3, still brings smiles

– There are plenty of bad emails from bosses, and the old system of information distribution vs. the digital turnover should’ve been a topic for another time

– Sharepoint, stupid people, and George Carlin…what more could you ask for on a Wednesday night?

Of course, credit where it’s due:

“Aces High”, “Winner Winner!”
Kevin MacLeod (
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