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RMP – Ep b8: Ritual Misery Goes Live!

RMP – Ep b8: Ritual Misery Goes Live!

Google Hangouts, YouTube, Blogger, iTunes, Oh My!

It’s official.  The Ritual Misery Podcast has gone legit.  We are now live streaming the video of our podcast on YouTube via Google Hangouts.  Not only that, we’re also on iTunes making us easier to find than ever.

Show notes:

– Amos is getting a puppy?!
– Harrowing tales of podcast production (spoiler alert: it has a happy ending)
– Kent and Amos fly their nerd flags and talk about Dungeons and Dragons and the value of good storytelling.  (We took tips from this guy.)
– The guys get nostalgic talking about first cars and high school garage bands… ah, good times.
– Kent interviews his son Lucas.
Of course, credit where it’s due:
“Aces High”, “Winner Winner!”
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