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RMP – Ep b7: Mom’s Night Out + Trappist Beer = Truffle Shuffle

Almost caught up…

Yeah, I’m getting tired of those headlines as well.

Seriously, though, once this episode is in the feeds, there’s only one left to push out…until we record again tomorrow night, anyway.

At least they’re releasing in order now.

Show notes:

– Kent and Amos can’t stop watching the Truffle Shuffle from the Goonies…or dogs pooping. It’s funny and we’re 12. Get over it.
– Amos finally gets to try Trappist Beer and it makes his favorites list immediately.
Mom’s Night Out turns out to be a lot better than Amos thought possible. You should watch it tonight with your family!
– Kent and Amos are both anti-anti-gay. Yes, that’s typed correctly.
– Where’s the podcast going? Listen below.
Of course, credit where it’s due:
“Aces High”, “Winner Winner!”
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