RMP – b51: Click Here To Learn The Truth About Camel Spiders!

It’s Kent’s last week of semi-retirement…

…and he wasted it instead of catching up on awesome shows.

We are guestless this week. But there’s beer…somewhere. (Where the hell is the next Oktoberfest party?)

Show notes:

  • Amos went to Yongsan, shopped for shit he can’t afford, and was impressed by the battery life on his Watch
  • Kent drank beer and went to bed early. Also, he watched more Breaking Bad…not enough, though.
  • TED Talk: Sally Kohn: Don’t like clickbait? Don’t click
  • Patreon was hacked but responded to it rather well
  • Camel Spiders are creepy but not actual spiders…and they have crazy sex

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