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RMP – Ep b101010: Podcaster’s Guide to the Singularity

As we enter middle-age, we are reminded of a simple idea……adulting sucks and we don’t wanna do it anymore.

Kent returns to the show after a month-long hiatus but forgets his towel.

Show notes:

– Kent has officially entered middle-age, and almost died on his latest road trip with his new Indiana driver’s license

– Amos tried his hand at stand-up comedy…and survived, and talks about his improv group 7MP

– TED Talks:

– Kent was fascinated by Chris Urmson: How a driverless car sees the road

– Amos connected with John Green: The nerd’s guide to learning everything online

– Amos finally found a D&D group and has been playing with a GoPro Hero 4 Silver, and rode a Segway for first time

– Kent watched Ant-Man

– The fellas share their thoughts on digital legacies and the transition thereto

– Check out Tom Merritt’sDTNS Ep 2428 andCurrent Geek Ep 43 for some much more intelligent thoughts on the subject

– Amos brings up his idea of MilCon, a chance for celebrities to pay tribute to military veterans in a ComicCon style forum

– Lest we forget our influences, this week we remember Paul Harvey

– This week’s tithe goes to Scott Johnson, find out all about this amazing podcaster, lover of games, and overall great person at and find all his podcasts here

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