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RMP – Ep b41: Richard Gunther Gets A Little Too Comfortable

Kent’s handling family matters this week…

…so Richard Gunther steps up to the mic and runs away with (from?) the show.

Last time Richard was on the show Amos got him fired up over some color choices from Apple. This time, he returns the favor and has Amos going off on the continued pussification of pretty much everything.

Show notes:

– Kent’s mom passed this week…it will be a while before the Force recovers. We, Earth’s Kender, will miss her greatly

– Richard nearly bares all during a video call

– TED Talks:

– Amos forgot again this week…it’s Kent’s fault

– Richard has one word for Tony Fadell’s “The first secret of design is … noticing”: disappointing

– The Supreme Court ended the

heterosexual bias of marriage in the United States

– Pike County, AL stopped issuing marriage licenses altogether

– See how long many major changes in American society have taken

– Amos is tired of this “Kinder, Gentler” bullshit

Apple released Apple Musicand Amos feels it’s worth a try, but worries that the computers are going to create music for everyone someday soon

– Luckily CGP Grey feels the creative arts may be what saves us from the computer overlords

– Richard, however, found the Apple Music interface a little disheartening

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