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RMP – Ep b3: Wearable Technology and Net Neutrality

Hullo again!

Now to make up for some lost time.

Below you will find episode beta 3. Yes, it’s out of order.  Please, have a listen and provide comments.

Show notes:

– Amos talks about his first camping trip in the family’s new travel trailer and its faulty plumbing while Kent mentions his own plumbing issues.
– We recap the last episode.
– Amos answers Kent’s assignment to research the state of wearable technology and where it’s going.
– Kent replies to the overly complicated issue of Internet Neutrality.  We didn’t cover it nearly as well as these amazing YouTubers:
– We assign each other new homework (spoiler alert: we never really answer these…)

Of course, credit where it’s due:

“Aces High”, “Winner Winner!”
Kevin MacLeod (
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