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RMP – Ep b27: Shiny Happy People

Open mouth…

…insert foot.

This week we are joined by Richard Gunther of the Digital Media Zone to talk SXSW and geekery. Also, Amos offends every group he can think of.

Show notes:

– If you’re going to attend SXSW, find us (buy us a beer!)

– We’ll be travelling light because we hate packing

– TED Talks:

– Amos watched Joe Smith: How to use a paper towel and Andy Yen: Think your email’s private? Think again

– Kent watched Scott McCloud: The visual magic of comics

– Walter Isaacson’s Steve Jobs is an exceptional read that Richard should finish

– Airplanes: Kent sleeps on them and no one should sit in the cockpit during landing if they ever want to fly again, unless it’s an incentive flight on a U.S. Air Force F-16

– Stay tuned for “We’re All Gonna Die!“, part II

– Oh, the lovely conundrum of Shwoodisms

– WWE is real, according to Kent, and Richard is a TV junkie…Amos just likes this clip from The Amazing Race

– There’s a changing of the comedic talent in late night television and it hasn’t gone unnoticed

HBO Now is now a thing, coming to AppleTV soon

– Amos is not a market analyst, gold iDevices are not just “for the gays”, and the bezel color matters to your purpose of usage

– The SXSW badges are prohibitively expensive for some of us

– We’ll definitely be at SXSoWasted, partly because it’s free

SXSW for non-badge-holding fools (like us): Unofficial Guide to South By Southwest 2015

BOL is having a ten year reunion show, Richard will be there and Amos (sadly) will not

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