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RMP – Ep b18: Don’t Peak Too Early

Jeremy Dillon joins us for another ‘cast…

…and proceeds to snore through half of it.

It’s becoming a custom of sorts.

Show notes:

– Presidents are hard, and Bush 43 will always be a favorite
– Driving enjoyment is directly proportionate to the cooperation of the weather
– Amos tried out a New Belgium Trippel
– He also picked up SimCity for half price, and to his surprise the Sims use Simlish!
– Kent played so D&D 5th Ed with his son
– And subscribed to the WWE Network
– Jeremy has been into D&D 5th Ed as well, though Amos still cherishes his 3.5 Ed

– Amos shares a touching story about how one of his troops assisted another through GoFundMe

– Jeremy is going to dive into a pool of ice water to support Autism, and you can help

– CES was met with mixed results

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