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RMP – Ep b16: Hacking Bullshit, Literally

Amos is back…

…and tries to explain away his absence, though he was hoping Kent would give a little more leeway after having to do all the work himself last week.

This week, Kent and catch up a little too much and you’ll have to watch the video for the half that was edited out.

Also, Amos watched his kids kick ass at soccer while Kent was getting talked into playing a ridiculously named card game (but he liked it).

Show notes:

Kidney stones suck

– Kent’s beer: Sierra Nevada Celebration Ale, while Amos tries out an Autumnal Molé Stout

– We’re planning something big for the New Year’s Eve

– Kent was introduced to Cardfight Vanguard

– Amos scored a new Apple Mac Mini

Sony Pictures was hacked and we try wrapping our heads around the possibilities

Cards Against Humanity shat on the Black Friday tradition

– Amos is less than enthralled with the typical Christmas Choirs

– We reminisce over un-obtained geekery

– The unboxing and packaging reviews of the Fire TV Stick, Google Chromecast, and Apple TV, are video version exclusives!

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