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RMP – Ep b14: Long Weekends Are Good

Thanksgiving recaps…

…well, mostly just a bunch of other stuff from the long weekend.

We love long weekends, especially when they are cram-packed with fun stuff and good company.

Show notes:

– Kent didn’t have as many guests for Thanksgiving dinner as he’d have liked

– Amos had a few more than he’d planned

– Netflix isn’t just showing Black Mirror, but also Sharknado is here and Season 3 of House of Cards is coming on Feb 27th

– We both watched the Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens trailer…and we break it down with some random conjecture and parodies:
George Lucas Special Edition
JJ Abrams Lens Flare Edition

– Speaking of trailers, Amos was excited about the Jurassic World trailer until his sister-in-law perfectly broke it down

– Board games are awesome
Munchkin and its Undead Edition will tell you who your frenemies are
Dicecapades will have you rolling
Boss Monster is a twist on an old genre
Firefly, the Board Game is a fantastic trip through Wedonland

– Amos installed Yosemite three separate times on the same computer because reasons

– The Amazon affiliation finally went through

– News we couldn’t get to: Sony was hacked and President Obama wants us on Mars

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Of course, credit where it’s due:
“Aces High”, “Winner Winner!”
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