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RMP – Ep b11: Ritual Misery Un-BLEEP-ed

So we’re going uncensored…

…because it’s easier to edit.  And no one wants to hear the horns anyway.

This week, Kent and Amos welcome long-time friend (and nearly exhausted) Jeremy Dillon (@jalandillon) for the show.

Show notes:

– Kent travelled to Wisconsin for beer and family

– Amos was sick

– Jeremy was sick of playing country music without getting paid

– Kent didn’t watch Black Mirror

– Amos purchased a Chromecast and likes it rather well…much better than the Roku products he experimented with

– Kent returned from Wisconsin with 33 different beers, check his reviews on

Big Hero 6 earns a recommendation from Kent

– We all have concerns about the renaming of Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Philae landed on a comet and that’s really bad ass, especially with how difficult the trip was; this brings about the discussion of what we are doing in space and why are we spending so many resources to explore it?

– President Obama appointed an ex-lobbyist to head the FCC and now they are at odds, and we find that very funny

– Our new Twitter handle is @ritualmisery, and now you can call and leave comments: (567) 698-7672!

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“Aces High”, “Winner Winner!”
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