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RMP – Ep b10: Truths According to Isaac

Timeliness is a virtue…

…that I have never been accused of having.

It seemed everything was getting in the way of publishing this podcast, but here it is…finally!

Seriously, though, it was 90% complete for almost two weeks before I could finish the last touches.

Show notes:

Streptatococcus is bad, tonsiliths aren’t much better- Black Mirror really fascinates Amos- Marvel released their future movies list

Doctor Who is very imposing

– Kent totally geeked over the Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer

– We invite Isaac Fellure to answer complicated questions of life

Daylight Saving Time should go away

Time Zones are a little more complicated

– Amos and Kent reflect on the disgraceful mistreatment of Vietnam Veterans returning home

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Of course, credit where it’s due:
“Aces High”, “Winner Winner!”
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