Bryce Castillo (@brycas) is very connected…

…to the Internet, at least.

It’s a long episode, but it’s full of social commentary and laughter…two things that go hand-in-hand.

Show notes:

  • Bryce is a Twitchie, or a Twitchy, or maybe a Twitchee
  • Kent and Amos watched the Super Bowl and live tweeted the whole thing
  • Amos reached Paragon level in Diablo III
  • Bryce has one of the coolest jobs ever producing Scam School
  • Amos, unsurprisingly, found frustration dealing with coworkers
  • Kent’s congratulations can’t be constrained by time-space
  • Super Bowl 50
    • 50th Super Bowl is not the same as the 50th Anniversary
    • Numbers are funny things
    • Why wasn’t Metallica playing at the Super Bowl? Because they rock!
      • Well, except for this part.
  • Flash will be (kinda) missed
  • Google Fiber is doing cool things for low-income housing
  • TED Talks:
  • Bryce discusses recent rumors and his move to Austin
  • We prove we know NOTHING of the Amish, but we have ideas for them
  • Gender is a problem
  • Amos saw Deadpool…and you should, too. Even if you don’t know anything about the character. Just don’t watch it at the Osan theater
  • <> NEWS:
    • Hotline Monday starts this week, hosted by Justin Robert Young and Scott Johnson. It will be a live tech and geek culture call in show. Call in at (801)895-4724, Mondays, 5pm EST/2pm PST. More information at
    • The Bizarre Briefing switched channels
  • Check out The Witness

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