It’s that time of week again…

…time to celebrate our geekiness and wonderment of the Internet of Things.

Oh, and we drink beer. Don’t forget the beer.

Show notes:

– Kent attended a kubotan seminar

– Hopefully it helps since he’s testing this weekend for gokyu

– Also, as a display of his great leadership, Kent’s dogs like to eat cat turds

– Amos finally caught up on publishing podcasts, started the Ritual Misery Podcast Facebook page, and generally worked on the podcast

– Kent’s Geeky Thing of the Week can be found on the Ritual Misery Patreon page, exclusive to our patrons

– Amos’ GTotW concerns his internet privacy and Netflix streaming

– We are both fascinated by the Internet of Things

Cisco’s vision

WIRED’s expectations

Internet of Things blog

Watch Dogs provides an interesting perspective on these new technologies

– Microsoft shared some exciting news about Windows 10 this week

– A handful developers are releasing their profit patterns and it isn’t good news for those hoping to slow-roll their way to riches

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