BOL-Frog Attack

Kent and I have wondered many times how Tom Merritt, Brian Brushwood, Molly Wood, Anthony Carboni, Justin Robert Young, Scott Johnson, Veronica Belmont, etc., met, how they were introduced to podcasting, how they’ve recruited/teamed up with each other, and what is it about them that keeps them working together. Essentially, we want an origin story…except that has been covered for many of them time and time again. So we asked “How can we learn about the origins and drive of our favorite podcasters in a way that brings out their personality, shows their intimate friendships, and entertains with spontaneity and humor?”

That’s when we realized what we needed: VH1’s Behind the Music + Comedy Central’s Celebrity Roasts + SNL = a (subjectively) true tale of podcasting friendships told by the subjects themselves in their own words telling the best and worst of each other’s stories.

Essentially, we (everyone involved) would draw up a timeline of major events with each podcaster’s story, primarily by the specific podcaster (e.g. Tom would help develop Tom’s timeline, but not Brian’s timeline).  Kent and I (or whomever is producing) would then mesh all the timelines up into an intertwined web joining together the major intersections. After that, the producer(s) would ask the other podcasters to talk about each other’s stories (Brian, JuRY, and Veronica would tell Tom’s story by sharing their (sometimes exaggerated) memories, while Tom would only be able to react and attempt to correct the others’ versions of his story).

The final product would be produced episodically as a video and/or audio podcast, culminating with a live ‘episode’ during Nerdtacular 2016/2017 explaining the origins, development, and crazy near-fail stories of Nerdtacular.

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