Hullo and welcome to “undaunted”, where each episode I talk with fellow podcasters from all walks of life and discuss what went well, what went wrong, and what just didn’t matter. We’ll share the good, the bad, and many laughs and lessons along the way.
Are you looking for advice on how, when, or why to podcast? Well, this isn’t that show. This show is testimonials of actual podcasters sharing stories of their podcasting life. We make no presumptions that we are doing anything right or that we know the best way forward. We just want to share our experiences with you and each other.
It’s only fair that I start this journey through podcasting with an introduction of myself so you know where I’m coming from and what experience I bring to the table.
My name is Anthony Lemos, I’m “Amos” to my long-time friends. I am a husband on my second, and final, marriage, a father of six kids, a US Air Force veteran, and the primary bread-winner for my very large and blended family.
I am a huge fan of podcasting. I was first introduced to podcasting in June 2008 when I discovered “Buzz Out Loud”, a tech-centric daily show from CNET. I currently subscribe to about 20 podcasts ranging from comedy to tech news to general geekiness.
I am also a podcaster. In addition to the podcast your are currently listening to, I have had one fail due to lack of content, one fail to launch at all, and one called “The Ritual Misery Podcast” that has been steadily growing for almost two years and has only recently become financially self-sufficient. In the realm of podcasters, I am a hobbyist with aspirations of becoming a professional; that is to say that I’d like to transition to podcasting full-time as my primary means of income.
Most importantly, I am a believer in podcasting as a platform. I genuinely believe podcasts offer a unique combination of personal experiences, current events, varied topics, niche audiences, and maybe greatest of all is the ample availability to people of all walks of life. As technology spreads throughout the world, even the simplest of modern cell phone, computers, and other media devices al have the basic functionality required to allow the user to consume podcasts. At a bare minimum, a student in the poorest areas of the world needs only a public computer, a set of basic headphones or speakers, and a rudimentary internet connection to experience one of the greatest freedoms humans have: free speech. I know that there are people out there who have amazing contributions to make to the world and all they need is the platform…and I believe podcasting may be the perfect start.
And that’s what brings me to this podcast: the largest, perhaps only, hurdle to make your own podcast is the know-how to do it. There are plenty of tutorials out there on ways to podcast, but I have found that most are lacking in a very important area: experience. Where are the real world stories of people who have tried different platforms, methods, and techniques? Where are the stories of successes and failures? Where are the artists willing, nee, desiring to share their trials and tribulations, not as a sales pitch, but to progress the artistry of podcasting for the simple love of podcasting?
That is what I hope to share with you in this, the undaunted podcast. Let’s further the art with candid discussions, let’s unravel the secrets with honest feedback, and let’s not back down when the discussion gets uncomfortable.
Thank you for joining me in this journey.

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