Welcome Potential Contributors!

The Concept:

Initially, the idea was “A Diary of a Podcaster” detailing some of the trials, tribulations, and successes of podcasting on a weekly basis. That thought turned to having a few different podcasters of varying levels of success and with different strategies/styles represented, but I figured there’s already enough ‘podcasting about podcasting’ out there (to include one of my own). What I would like to do is have several podcasters share stories and experiences, isolated from each other, on all facets of podcasting/media production/social and fan development…not a ‘how you should podcast, but a how we podcast. Several contributors submitting short episodes relating to a weekly/bi-weekly topic, sharing ideas, with an occasional (monthly) cohosted segment with whomever can join for discussion.

How It Works:

There will be a topic open for a period of time. Any contributor can submit their audio regarding that topic during the window. When the window closes, a new topic will be posted and I will begin releasing the previous submissions. I (or another host) will introduce the podcast, topic, and contributor, play the contribution, then recap where the listener can catch more of the contributor’s work. A quick closing and tease for the next episode completes the show. The Contributors will be responsible for providing 5-20 minutes on the specific topic only if they want to. The audio should be clean (no static, dogs barking, etc.) as it will not be edited. It should contain no advertisements or sponsorships, and to maximize audience potential it should be Safe For Work (unless the topic dictates otherwise).

Okay, Why?

The benefit is an inherent intermingling of audiences and networking potential. The cost is zero. I will host the feed and direct traffic to the feed’s page on my site but not commercialize the content at all.

What Now?

Once we have enough participants, I’ll begin posting subjects. Each subject will be open for a certain period of time and all participants will be able to submit a 10-30 minute recording on that subject. After the time limit, the next topic will be posted and I (we) will begin releasing the episodes for the first topic.

Can You Break It Down For Me?

The episode format will go as follows:
1) I or another host will introduce the subject and the contributor
2) the submission will play unedited (except possible cleaning up, i.e. static removal, volume matching)
3) the host will close the episode with a brief “how to reach this week’s contributor”
4) the host will relay information for this show

What Do You Need From Me?

As a contributor, you’ll only need to follow a few simple rules:
1) stick to the subject
1a) sponsorships/commercials will be edited out or disqualify the submission
2) keep it in the time frame (5-20 minutes)
3) provide a recording suitable for release (the hosts/producers won’t be removing your uhs, ahs, dogs barking, etc.)
4) send a link to your submission via Direct Message to that topic’s host
5) provide your info so we can share it and send traffic to your show/site/profile/service

I’m In! Where Do I Sign Up?

Email me to be added to the Slack group!