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Amos’ Bio

Anthony R. Lemos


Anthony lives in Alaska with his wife and children.  His sister-in-law and niece round out his never-boring household.

He proudly served in the U.S. Air Force for more than 24 years as an aircraft mechanic and/or paper-pusher.  He’s been stationed in South Carolina, Okinawa, Hawai’i, Louisiana, South Korea twice, Texas, and Alaska.  He’s visited Saudi Arabia, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Turkey, Kuwait, Qatar, Iraq, and nearly every State in the Union.

Anthony’s been listening to podcasts since he found Buzz Out Loud in June 2008 and producing his own podcasts since June 2014.

He has 24 years of life experience building/refurbishing computers, setting up networks, and dabbling in programming/scripting, including several years as a Workgroup Manger and Client Service Administrator.

His hobbies include podcasting, web design, reading fantasy novels and tech articles, and watching movies with his wife.  He still loves, but can’t find time for, D&D (3.5e), DJ/KJing, WoW, and candid street photography using ambient light.  Oh, and drumming.

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