RMP – Ep b39: Jurassic Thrones


…we’re going to excavate Jurassic World and Game of Thrones to death.

Our friend Ray “Boot” Cruz joins our conversation again. 

Show notes:

– Ritual Misery debuts their live IRC chat.  Watch and interact with us live!

– Amos and Ray show their age and play bingo

– Kent is happy to get back to karate after nearly a four week break

– Ray explains why he likes Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

– TED Talks:

– Kent watched Suki Kim: This is what it’s like to teach in North Korea

– Amos tells us about his new podcast: O’Lounge Comedy Cast

Jurassic World met with mixed reviews

– We discuss the Season 5 finale of Game of Thrones at length.  This segment is chock full of spoilers from the show and the Song of Ice and Fire book series

– Kent brings up the new $10 bill, which leads to a lengthy discussion of currency and diversity

– John Green from vlogbrothers hates pennies (and nickels)

– Ray still hates Batman but enjoyed the 1960’s Adam West TV show

– E3 had some cool stuff to show this year

– New segment “Weekly Tithe” debuts.  This week’s mention goes to Tom Merritt, someone Kent and Amos hold in high regard.  Check him out at www.tommerritt.com

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