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RMP – Ep b4: Apple Shows Us One More Thing

Still catching up…

You knew this was coming.

Below you will find episode beta 4. This will be last one intentionally out of order, at least for the foreseeable future.  Please, have a listen and provide comments.

Show notes:

– Kent’s planning to retire from the military and Amos is jealous.  Amos spent the weekend snuggling a sick toddler.
– Amos and Kent do their future coverage of a press event, Apple’s September ’14 Keynote, which you can watch here in its entirety.- – Apple announced the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus, and the duo tries their best to curb their enthusiasm while running down the list of features:

– – Additionally, they also loved the announcement and promise of ApplePay:– – They were much more skeptical of the  WATCH announcement:

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Of course, credit where it’s due:

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RMP – Ep b3: Wearable Technology and Net Neutrality

Hullo again!

Now to make up for some lost time.

Below you will find episode beta 3. Yes, it’s out of order.  Please, have a listen and provide comments.

Show notes:

– Amos talks about his first camping trip in the family’s new travel trailer and its faulty plumbing while Kent mentions his own plumbing issues.
– We recap the last episode.
– Amos answers Kent’s assignment to research the state of wearable technology and where it’s going.
– Kent replies to the overly complicated issue of Internet Neutrality.  We didn’t cover it nearly as well as these amazing YouTubers:
– We assign each other new homework (spoiler alert: we never really answer these…)

Of course, credit where it’s due:

“Aces High”, “Winner Winner!”
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Yeah, our first post starts on Beta 5, deal with it (and thank you for listening).

Hullo World!

I guess I should write an intro.  Dang it.

So a while back Kent and I thought that it would be just nifty to do something together, something we could share with anyone willing to witness.  At first it was a series of short YouTube videos showing us having fun while humorously explaining several aspects of our lives.  Well, that turned out to be very short lived…a total of three videos.  Yep, three.

More to the point.

After I returned from my last deployment, Kent and I discussed starting a new project.  We wanted something a little more interactive (and less time consuming) than videos.  We wanted something creative, conceptual, and conversational.  The idea to create a co-hosted podcast where we could talk tech, beer, kids, careers, or really anything else appealed to both of us.  After all, we really enjoy our conversations, why not share the laughs, introspection, and crazy world philosophy with everyone!
We started recording Alpha episodes in June ’14.  There were no topics, no show notes, and really nothing worth noting that recorded.  But that we have it recorded is proof that our Alpha phase went well.

Here’s the meat and potatoes. (Why is there an ‘e’ in potatoes?)

Now we’re in the Beta phase.  We’re recording every week.  We have general topics to discuss.  We are still playing with the format, and I need to learn when to cut Kent off and when he’s actually building to a point.  I also need to get better about writing show notes.  But all the pieces are there, all the colors in paint, all the brushes ready, and the canvas mounted with a pretty nicely pencilled outline…it’s time to get the details filled in.
And we need your feedback.  We aren’t the smartest dudes on the internet, but we understand that, while we may like the podcast just fine, it’s only by sharing with you and allowing you to share with us that we have a truly fine product.  Plus, it’s just more fun that way.

Oh, so you want a silver platter, eh?

You don’t wanna search the entire internet to find our fine product?  Okay, here’s beta episode 5.

Now, credit where it’s due:

“Aces High”, “Winner Winner!”
Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0